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Smart energy products

With Ecosoft’s energy products, your home will automatically manage energy consumption smarter. This saves energy expenses without compromising on comfort.


Automatically use the cheapest electricity.

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View current energy prices and plan your energy consumption cleverly.

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Control your smart home from your mobile phone.

The advantages

Save money and CO2

The electricity price spiked enormously last year. Many people are looking for ways to save costs. Our EcoSwitch does this in an easy and convenient way. It’s a smart plug, that switches your connected devices on when energy prices are low and switches them off when prices are high.

  • Save costs: switch on your devices only when electrical energy is cheap.
  • Save CO2: during low-price hours, green energy is generally abundant.
  • Save the power grid: avoiding peak hours puts less strain on the infrastructure.
Schematic overview of the EcoSwitch

Introducing the EcoSwitch

Easy & convenient

Plug the EcoSwitch Plus into the wall socket and configure it using your PC or smartphone. The EcoSwitch retrieves energy prices from our server every day. It will turn on your connected device when the price is low or even negative.

You’ll only need a smart meter and a WiFi connection. To actually save money using the EcoSwitch, you will also need a dynamic tariff plan with your electricity supplier.

Read more about how the EcoSwitch works.

Our purpose

Convenient sustainability

Finding smart solutions for today’s energy challenges, that’s where we are enthusiastic about. We have been developing hard- and software for decades. We gladly put our experience into action, enabling convenient and sustainable energy at home. Read more about us.

EcoSwitch Plus