Ecosoft Smart Grid Controller 2

De Ecosoft Smart Grid Controller 2 (SGC) is a device intended to operate a heat pump or a heat pump water heater. The goal is to reduce heating costs by benefitting from energy price fluctuations. The environment will benefit as well, because hours of the lowest prices are often yield high green energy production (solar and wind). The SGC 2 has an ethernet connection. WiFi is supported as well.

Every day, the SGC creates a planning with “moments to switch” and takes the following into account:

• Your location (where outside temperature and prices depend on)
• The efficiency of your heat pump at certain outside temperatures
• The electricity prices during 24 hours of a day
• The efficiency of your gas boiler (if present)
• The current gas price
• Your preferences filled out in the energy planner.

Heat Pump Operation
The Ecosoft SGC 2 can operate a heatpump if it supports an SG-ready interface or has an EVU connection.

The following heat pumps are compatible with the SGC 2:
Heat pumps with SG-ready contacts.
Heat Pumps with EVU contacts.