EcoSoft Energy App

You can download the EcoSoft Energy App from the Google Play Store and install in on your Android phone.

EcoSwitch firmware upgrade

It is possible to upgrade the firmware of your EcoSwitch to the newest version.
• Go to the web interface of the EcoSwitch.
• Press System and then press Firmware Upgrade.
This brings you to the Upgrade page.
• At “Upgrade by the web server”, press Start Upgrade

Upgrading by uploading a file is also possible. The newest release is downloadable from: Download this file.
• Go to the web interface of the EcoSwitch.
• Press System and then press Firmware Upgrade.
• At “Upgrade by file download”, select coSwitch-EN.bin.gz,
• Press the Start Upgrade button below the file selector box.

EcoSwitch Version history

Version 2.0.5

  • Fixed that an empty plan (always off) would sometimes not be applied to the switch
  • Maximum price in euros with 3 decimals
  • Show link to price data
  • Export Events and Energy Usage to CSV file
  • Also apply ‘Do not switch off when in use’ to the Timer
  • Include in Events if the switch was not switched off, because it was in use
  • Include in Events if a plan was made without current price data (off-line mode)
  • Show if a planned time period is today or tomorrow
  • Show more of the already executed plan
  • Plan earlier when required data is available
  • Apply plan to the switch immediately
  • Create a new plan for the whole current (or next) time block, when options are changed

Version 1.9.1

  • Automatically switch-off when used significantly above specification (2760W > 2300W) (EcoSwitch Plus)
  • Added United Kingdom as price region (Agile Octopus)
  • Updated OS to version 12

Version 1.8.2

  • Added notice if time blocks are configured such that price data will not be available on time
  • Fixed error that could occur with non-contiguous planning and a first time block starting after 0:00
  • Fixed that the device did not switch on at the planned time the first time, after if it was manually switched off, and then a new schedule was made by the user
  • Fixed that the schedule was applied with a delay of about half a minute
  • Integration with Home Assistant if MQTT is enabled

Version 1.8.0

  • Replacing an offline plan by an online plan did not work in some situations
  • Option to not plan the current time block
  • Do not create a plan that is mostly in another time block
  • Show available online version with changes when updating
  • Download update over HTTPS
  • Option to determine the duration the device is in use (EcoSwitch Plus)
  • Do not save small voltage fluctuations (EcoSwitch Plus)

Version 1.7.2

  • New Events screen (via menu System) which shows when power was switched on or off, either manually or automatically
  • Improved scheduling near the edges of a time block
  • Improved memory usage