Integration with Home Assistant

Integration of the EcoSwitch with Home Assistant

The integration is via the MQTT protocol.

• The software version of the EcoSwitch should be 1.8.1 or higher:
    • Check the current version with via System > Information
    • When necessary, update the software via System > Update

• In the EcoSwitch, turn on MQTT, as follows:
    • System > Consoles > Console
    • Enter the command: SetOption3 1
    • The switch reboots.

• In the EcoSwitch, configure MQTT via menu Configuration > Configure MQTT

• In Home Assistant, add MQTT integration:

• Add Tasmota integration to Home Assistant:
The EcoSwitch will appear as a Tasmota device.

For the standard EcoSwitch, the image of a single switch will appear.
If you click on this image, the EcoSwitch switches on or off.
For the EcoSwitch Plus, additional data about power consumption will be visible.
This data refreshes every few minutes.

Home Assistant offers the possibility to create rules. For example it is possible to switch another device when the EcoSwitch switches.
• Browse to the EcoSwitch device, and click on the + sign at Automations
• Choose: “Do something when EcoSwitch turns on”.
• At Actions, add that another device (that is connected to Home Assistant) should be switched on.
By doing this, the time schedule (based on energy prices) made by the EcoSwitch, will be applied to the other device (even if they are not physically connected to each other).